New build, PC doesnt wanna start. Need help!

Just connected everything on my new build from scratch and my PC doesnt wanna start. Its a Asus P8Z77-V LK motherboard, i5-3570k CPU, MSI Gtx660 gpu, 16gb patriot viper 3 series black mamba edition ram, Corsaire Builder Series CX600 600W Power Supply and Zalman Z11 Plus HF1 Mid Tower Case.

I have checked everything 5 times and my only solution is that some hardware is not functional. When I plug in power cord in my PSU the green light on my mobo comes on. And that is about it. When I turn on the GPU boost switch on mobo, the LED for it turns on aswell. But when I press my power button nothing happens. I checked the connections for the power switch on the motherboard, and on the front of the case (cause Z11 case has them disconnected there).

So my question is, which hardware could be the problem if my PC doesnt gave ANY signs after I press the power button?
Anything that may help me will be appreciated, just spent 2h trying to figure it out and im exhausted.
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    double check the cable for the power butten (from case to motherboard) you will be suprised how often people overlook this

    if that doesnt work use a paperclip on the powersupply cable for motherboard to see if it starts.

    5v power is always on with a modern psu but the others voltages are not turned on till you press power butten
  2. I just tested the PSU in other PC (the one im writing from), and it started up, with all fans working that are still connected from the not working computer's case.

    Im going to the town to do something, when I am back i am going to plug in the power switch from a working computer and try it out.

    If that is not the issue is there anything else I should check before returning the motherboard. and can bad CPU make computer not even start?
  3. After more then 8 hours testing everything, I came to conclusion it is motherboard. Replaced with new one and it works.
    Thanks for trying shanky and thx for the paper clip tip :)
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