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looking to replace my 480 with a 670 and im not sure which one to choose, there are offerings from evga which is a known reliable company, i prefer asus but their offerings for the 670 arent as good, zotac typically makes a good card. id like to be as close to $400 as a possible because i am on a budget. i would like twin fans if possible or a similar cooling setup that is better than reference is possible, looking for reliability
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  1. msi twin frozer ?
  2. asus gtx 670 direct cu II top 2gb vs evga gtx 670 sc 4gb @ 1080p single monitor, which one is better ? price doesnt matter
  3. get another GTX 480
  4. psu won't support another 480, so after another psu and a 480 it'll cost almost as much as a 670 and make my power bill even higher
  5. I've order 2 gigabyte versions of the GTX 670. from the reviews its one of the most quiet and best performing coolers. I'm got the 570 windforce atm and its very quiet and remains cool even with high overclocks.
  6. nice hope u enjoy the cards
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