Radeon hd 4800 vs. hd 6750 - worth the upgrade?


I recently bought the radeon hd 6750 for my daughters computer but its not compatible with her computer so I was gonna return it.

But then I figure "why not just use it in my computer"? I only play WoW. Only that game.

My computer
Windows vista
6gigs ram
i7 cpu
Radeon 1g hd 4800

Would that new card be a big worthwhile upgrade? I currently run wow on med. Settings for around 30fps

Worth keeping and upgrading the hd6750 1g. ?
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  1. Upgrade ? 6750 is /4870/4890(I guess you have one of those,right ?) and it's only slightly faster than 4850
  2. If youve got a 4850 , 6750 is an upgrade(albeit a slight one). But if its any other model dont.
    check this link:

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