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Well, im building a new system, just bought the MoBo, z77 extreme 6 from asrock, gonna go with this build

i5 3570k
16Gb ddr3 1600 gskill
2x his iceq radeon hd7870
1tb wd black caviar
128gb corsair ssd
asus xonar essence
cm storm trigger keyboard
logicool g600 mmo gaming mouse
steelseries qck mousepad
seasonic 620w psu

the only thing im having trouble deciding is the case, i thought bout the raven 3 but than i read some bad reviews on it, so im back to where i started, fortress 2, wich i think is a little too expensive for a case, even with the extremely awesome cooling it has, i think i dont need that all even tho im planning on putting those gpus and that cpu on OC, not the memory tho... i would like to know the best alternative for fortress 2 on a cheaper budget, something around 100~140 bucks, im not strict on budget tho, a little more wouldnt hurt, but yeah, im trying to save some $
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  1. read the recent series on cases on toms, I believe there is another set of three to be reviewed and then an overall article.
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