Basically i have some things to ask- when i play games my computer is around 50degrees-60degrees is this a good temperature ?

-My specs
intel i5 3570k core processor
8gb ram
nvida gtx660 ti

I also use EVGA PRECISION to view my temperature it also allows me to ajust my fans is my computer running well and the game i play most is bf3 and get around 80 fps ?
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  1. What temperature is 50-60? The mobo, the CPU, the GPU?
    While 50-60 C is not critical it is a bit warm. I wouldn't be over concerned on an objective basis, but I'd never accept in any of my builds. Unless I am maxing out in stress tests I want my mobo below 40 C, my CPU below 45 C and my GPUs under 55 C.
  2. the gpu is 50-60

    when i play i keep the fan speed at 60-70% and when i dont play i keep it at 30%
  3. The GPU temp is fine then. My GTX 470s are rated to do 115 C (although I've never allowed it to climb above 100 C). Nvidia publishes specs on temps and I think that the GTX 660 is rated to do at least 100 C.
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