Blue Screen while installing AMD Catalyst

Hey guys,
I just finished putting my system together and after i installed windows using the on board graphic card and making sure everything else is working and running fine. i turned the pc off and put HD 7770 in using HDMI cable and it turns on and windows loads but when i try to install the catalyst during the installation i get the blue screen of death everytime.
Does any1 know a way to fix this, i looked around but couldnt really get a final answer.

System Specs:
Gigabyte z77x-ud3h
core i5 3570k
8gb corsair vengeance
TX750W v2 PSU
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  1. have you put the newest bios on the mb. there are a lot of patches for newer x68 and z77 for cpu and ram patches. I would remove the video card and install the bios updates from the mb bios update screen. then clear the cmos when the last one is done. i would also check that the ram is in the right two slots on the mb. check with cpu-z that you have the ram set to the right speed and timing. if the ram is all set then install the mb chipset drivers from intel. if the chipset drivers are not installed the pcu bus can do weird things. also check that you have 4/8 pin power conencted to the mb and if the video card has both 6/8 pin pci power plugs plugged in if it has them. i dont put the ccc softwre or nvidia software on till you reboot back into windows after you plug the card in. windows has the onboard video as the main video and it uses some of the system ram. you need to boot into the bios and turn off the onboard chipset or set the pci video as first video card then power down and then swap the video cable. then boot into windows and install the ccc. from amd,.
  2. since i can boot up withe the new card, should i just go into the BIOS during boot and turn off the on board graphic and if that boots up then install the drivers after?
  3. You shouldn't need any bios update. You shouldn't have to turn off onboard graphics either it will auto detect the card.

    Check your memory settings in bios are correct according to the sticker on the ram itself. Memory is likely the cause of your blue screen.

    Did you install your motherboards chipset drivers immediately after installing windows and before you installed your graphics drivers?
  4. UPDATE!!
    So i think this is one of the rare occasion where using the install CD that came with the hardware worked out to be the best answer.
    I just put the install CD in and the drivers installed just fine and then i just did an update.
    Its all up and running now
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