It' safe to overclock an Core i3 2100 GPU?

Hi there! I just changed my MoBo to an ASUS P8H61-M LE and in the UEFi has the option to overclock the GPU, i did it reaching 1450MHz and it's working great, in Windows Experience Index i use to have 4.4 on Windows DEsktop Performance and in Gaming Performance 5.7. Now i have 4.3 on the first and 5.9 on the second. It's safe to leave it like this or can i overclock it a little more? Thanks!!!
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    It is safe to OC the GPU. It is not a good idea to try and OC the CPU because of the locked multiplier. I OC GPUs on the 2100 equipped rigs. OC'ing the GPU doesn't effect the CPU.
  2. But it will be ok if i rise it to a little more than 1450 Mhz?
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