Monitor screen won't display when i put in new proccessor.

I have traversed the internet for many days now trying to find help, not amount of computer experts or technicians can help, and it seems that this problem is specific to only me.

I am running a GA-MA770T-UD3P motherboard, and i'm trying to use the 965 black edition processor, when i do this all the fans and everything turn on, but the monitor has no signal, now somebody told me i should update my bios (version 5, revision 1.1) but the website does not have support for the 64 bit windows, so again this is a dead end, can anybody help me fix this or did i just waste 100 dollars for nothing? When i put back in my old proccessor it works fine by the way, even though i have to first remove the ram to get it to start up.

other specs.
700W power supply
240 geforce graphics card
245 amd athlon processor
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  1. There are 4 revisions of that motherboard and they all support the 965 BE. @BIOS can be installed on 64-bit Windows, but I wouldn't bother if the much safer QFlash is available on that motherboard.
  2. I agree, sounds like a bios upgrade is in order,
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