Best CPU for my card?

Hey gang

I have recently bought a 7850 2GB but it's being heavily bottlenecked by my AMD 630, I'm looking for a CPU which is under £100 which would get rid of or at least reduce the enormous bottleneck I am receiving now.

This is my current motherboard:

I feel as if I may be slightly disadvantaged due to the fact it doesn't support AM3
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  1. Not having am3 is a problem bit you can get a mobo for $50 and a phenom x6 1090t for like $120 witch is very good and a massive upgrade.
  2. You cannot get a 1090t for anyway near that price man.
    If you wanna upgrade you're gonna have to both replace the board & processor. I would save up, and if you could, maybe you'll be able to buy a Core i3 & a board for it soon enough, I don't know the pricing for it in euros/pounds, so I'm sorry.
  3. what is the amd 630? never heard of it. yeah a new board and cpu are required. so intel is obviously the way to go. core i3 and h61 mobo is a good choice
  4. Can't you get a 1090t for that price? I front one on amazon tho?? Maybe it was used? Anyway I also thought an i3 might be a good aswell and a cheap mobo because that's a cheap and good upgrade. On.y thing then is that you'll have to get ram because its DDR3.
  5. mohit9206 - it's probably an older Athlon/Athlon II

    User - most likely used, you go on eBay for new and it's easily 300$, they're rare. Yeah, it'll be a very big system upgrade, so he will need to save up at least 200£.
  6. This is the AMD 630:

    As for Going intel/new MOBO

    I did expect having to get a new board but I would rather go for AMD if possible, in my situation it really is price>performance.
  7. Does your board OC?
  8. Go for an AMD chip that is compatable with AM2 or AM2+ motherboards like the whole Phenom line.
    If you're an overclocker go with this one/

    Otherwise go with the Phenom II X4 965 BE.
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