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my friends pc got hacked tonight and i was wondering if there was anything to help him get rid off the person who hacked him because whoever it was has full control of his pc whenever he wants and can send him messages and control his mouse (eg. he opened up internet explorer and and started searching things without my friend having any control of what he did unless he turned his laptops wifi off which is the only thing keeping him off atm... my friend did a full system scan with norton antivirus and some cookies were found but it wasnt what the hacker was using cause he was still there... my friend is now downloading microsoft's malicious software removal tool to see if it finds it but im waiting on an update from him right now... i assume he must have downloaded a trojan or something that gave the user control over my friends computer but i was wondering if u could suggest anything to help get rid off the hacker... right now he is considering doing a full system recovery but only if he cant figure things out soon

thanks in advance!
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  1. First, is the PC connected directly to a Modem or a Router? If a Modem, buy a Router to use, it will have a built-in firewall and use NAT to help prevent such things.

    Then check user accounts, change any passwords he uses. Make sure Windows Firewall is turned on. Check add/remove programs for any remote control software that may have been installed, remove those.

    Make an Avira Antivir rescue CD, run that on the computer to clean out viruses. Install and run Malwarebytes.
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