Installed 7950 now PC won't boot.

I just installed my new 7950, now my PC won't boot. I also pulled my PSU out and sleeved all the wires. Here is what I did in detail

-AMD965 Black
-MSI G46 mobo
-Sapphire 7950
-750w PSU
-Corsair Vengeance 16gb ddr3

Pulled PSU out and sleeved 20pin and 4pin for mobo, sleeved the 2 6pins for the GPU, and sleeved the molex 4pins for my 5.25. When I did the mobo harnesses, I did them one wire at a time so I would make absolutely sure I didn't put a wire in the wrong spot. I've checked to make sure every pin is closed tight enough to make a solid connection when plugged into the mobo.

Put the PSU back in and installed the 7950 and plugged everything in. I've quadruple checked that everything is connected to the mobo, and I can't figure out for the life of me whats wrong.

I plug the power into the PSU and flip the switch on. When I press the power switch on my case the GPU fans make about one rotation and shut off. No lights anywhere and no beeping.

I pulled the memory out and replaced it with some older corsair to see if that went bad, same issue. I also swapped in my 6770 to see if the 7950 was the problem, exact same thing.

I'm thinking its narrowed down to either the mobo or the psu. If there is a way to confirm either of these are bad, please let me know. I'm running out of aspirin from my head being stuffed inside this case all night.
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  1. Well you can try another psu see if it fires up, also what psu is it, if Mine (an OCZ)aren't plugged into specific pci-e on the psu it does the same thing, I had that problem not two weeks ago I changed the two 6 pin pci-e cords to the other 6 pin in on the psu and cleared the cmos and it fired right up,
  2. I hope and pray when I ask you but sir, you didn't buy no cheapo junk PSU right? Also, was it your first time sleeving?
  3. Its a SilverStone PSU 750w. I'll double check right now to see if I plugged the wrong 6 pins into the GPU, but I don't think there is any other 6 pins available. Everything else is just molex 4 pins and stuff.

    This is my first time sleeving a PSU, but by no means my first romp with wiring. I have years of experience with wiring, most specifically car wiring. The pins gave me some trouble at first pulling them out, but I got better at it as I went along. All the pin connections are fine and I made sure all the pins were closed enough to make a solid contact when plugged in to the board.
  4. I did have another PCI express 6 pin on my PSU, so I tried plugging that one in to the GPU, same thing.
  5. here is something interesting... I just got my multi-meter out to see if there was correct voltages running thru the PSU on the 20pin. I did a resistance test and every pin is reading 0 resistance on a ground. Basically saying ever wire is connected. I don't exactly know how the inside of a PSU works, but I doubt there is relays in there for power/ground.
  6. sorry to pull on an old thread, but this just happened to me, did you manage to fix this?
  7. It was my PSU somehow. Bought a new one and fired up like nothing happened. I'm very good with electricity and wiring too... not really sure what I could have done to the old PSU while sleeving it.
  8. hmm ok thanks a lot for the info!
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