HTPC guides?

Are there any current, up-to-date guides on how to build an HTPC? I am interested in watching dish TV through an HTPC.
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  1. The hands down best guide on the web is Assassin's HTPC guide:

    Some of it is free, some of it requires a $20 fee to access.

    BTW, watching satellite on an HTPC is tricky business. Probably involves a Hauppauge Colossus and an IR blaster setup.
  2. How much does that cost?
  3. Newegg sells the Colossus for $140 right now:

    You'd have to do some research to see if the bundled IR blaster will work with your satellite box. Just in case you didn't know, an IR blaster is basically an IR cable that acts as a remote to change channels on your satellite or cable box. So, the HTPC will be sending remote commands to your satellite box and recording content after it has been descrambled.

    I've never gone the IR blaster route myself. Seems like a hassle.
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