Coolermaster 600w trouble

Hi there,
I was wondering if anyone could please help me with a PSU trouble I am having. I recently decided to open up an old computer to sort of use as a HTPC.
It has one of these: And as the pdf/link dictates, there is only 1 4 pin connector for the CPU, despite the motherboard requiring an additional 4 pin.
Am I missing something vital?
Help very much appreciated.
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  1. Here is a link that can help on all things ATX:

    Read the motherboard manual. You should be able to plug the four pin into the eight pin socket and have it work, but the manual will let you know for sure.

    Reusing power supplies can be an iffy proposition. Have you used the power supply and know what kind of duty cycle it’s been exposed to? I reused a CM 600 similar to that one in a scrounge build last year and had to replace it within six months. It took the MB’s south bridge with it.
  2. Thanks for the fast reply!
    This is from the manual:
    I remember the computer was able to power on 6 months ago in the same setup, but I never took notice of whether or not it worked with only the 4 pin connector...
  3. Pins 7,8,3,4 would be plugged into your four pin board. You can’t plug it in the wrong way.

    When assembling a build always put the motherboard on a non-conductive surface and assemble the CPU, CPU cooler, 1 stick of RAM, the GPU and power the board. Connect a VGA monitor (works without the drivers) and a PS2 Keyboard (also works without drivers).

    Power the system and see if you can get to bios. If so, you are ready to transplant to the Case and begin he build. I call this the "Smoke Test". It makes sure everything works before you complicate matters with cable management and the computer case to work inside.
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