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Hey whats up guys? I was wondering if anyone knew how to span your windows task bar at the bottom of the screen to fit 2 monitors. From the advice from you guys i recently bought the 2nd monitor out of the 3 planned, they are LG 27" LEDs. So yeah, stock the settings in Nvidia (I have 2 gtx 670s) was easy as it let my setup 2 monitors easily, but it wouldn't let me span the bottom windows task bar across both displays. Right now my main display shows my task bar and all my programs, and my 2nd monitor has the same wallpaper as the main monitor, i also can drag screens over to it. I am planning on getting one more so i can use nvidia surround, it wont let me do it with 2 which would be dumb anyways. Any tips or feedback would be appreciated, or if any of you have any tips or cool tricks i can do with 2 monitors that would also be appreciated. Basically, how can i span the windows task bar across 2 monitors and is there any cool tips/tricks you guys could share. Thanks in advance.
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  1. I use a program called Ultramon which costs $40.


    There's also Multimon Taskbar Pro for $28. The link to the older free version (likely 32-bit) is broken.

  2. Hello,

    Wikipedia is your salvation.
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