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I recently just finished my new build. When I turn on the PC I don't see anything on my monitor. I tried both VGA and HDMI (I don't have a DVI cable). I have an Asus P8Z77-V motherboard which has the QLED lights. There are 4 lights, RAM, CPU, VGA and BOOT. If the light stays on that means there is a problem with those components. All the lights turn red for about a second then turn off so it seems there is no issue with the individual components. There is a green power light which remains on but that one is supposed to. The fans are also spinning, I just don't see anything on the monitor (which stays in power saver mode during this time).

Does anyone know what could be wrong or how I can troubleshoot this issue ? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Update: I tried clearing the CMOS using the jumpers and now the BOOT_DEVICE_LED stays red. What does that mean ?
  2. what's your CPU? as well as your motherboard's BIOS version (which should be on the box. some Z77 mobos are incompatible with the more recently released IB/SB CPU and requires a BIOS update.
  3. My cpu is an intel i7 3770k. I can't find the bios number on the box., where is it supposed to be ?
  4. nope. it's not your CPU then. that motherboard supports that CPU by default. try taking out your RAM and properly insert them back in. works for some people. and just in case; did you use the motherboard standoffs?
  5. Tried re installing the ram. No avail. Also, the DRAM red light doesn't stay on, so that would mean the ram is fine correct ? Also, while waiting for your reply, I tried doing the usb flashback but the bios flashback light never turns on. Does that mean the board could be faulty ? maybe the flbk led is just not working. Yes I did use motherboard standoffs.
  6. Also tried unplugging sata cables. Still no luck.
  7. Maybe could it be the power supply? Somethings not getting the juice it needs? Is their a switch on it that interchanges?

    I remember once I think I had one switched to the wrong side and nothing would pop up. Or something like that. But switching er to 115 fixed the problem.

    Are you using the onboard graphics? Maybe somethings off there for whatever reason. Could slap a card in there as usually it will switch to that if it's in their and could get you a screen or if your using the card the other way around then.

    Hopefully the motherboard isn't just junk. Or the worst maybe something happened in the installation process. Some shock, or lil arc. If you have any extra parts I'd remove each thing one by one, find out the problem through elimination.

    Happy tinkering.
  8. Yup, found the problem! The gpu was taking over the primary display so the mobo vga port wasn't working. Using the dvi cable on the gpu I can now see the bios! Thanks for the suggestions!
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