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PS3 o Xbox 360?

i need to buy a console? which should i select - an Xbox 360 or a Sony PS3?

i have a 24 inch standard tv with av input
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  1. Oh god. Brace yourself for the oncoming flame war.

    Anyways, it basically boils down to personal preference, there is no clear winner. It depends on what exclusive games you want, whether you want to pay for multiplayer, etc.
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    Why do you have I need to buy a console in question marks? Do you have to buy one no you don't. I would honestly hold off till next year for the two new consoles if your looking for something "next gen". It's similar to people who bought an XBOX or PS2 a month before the XBOX 360 and PS3 came out.
  3. No! Buy a PC!!!!!!!!!!!


    Any reason why you should buy consoles?
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  5. There are already thousands of threads regarding X360 vs PS3 and usually,these threads end up in flames.
    Sorry,but I have to close this thread.
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