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I have an 8800GT and I'm using Windows XP sp3. When I boot up my computer there are green dots and lines all over the screen in a pattern like formation on the boot screen while windows is loading. As windows tries to load the 8800's fan turns to 100% by itself and then the screen goes black and nothing happens. I then restart the computer and get the error message that windows was not shut down properly, but all of the text is distorted and hard to read. The only way I can boot my computer is in safe mode, otherwise it just goes to the black screen.

I just wanted confirmation that it is in fact my graphics card that is messed up before I order a new card. Thanks
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    yeah it does sound a faulty gpu
  2. If the BIOS screens are corrupted it's probably a dead card, but before you get a new one, remove the current card and GENTLY clean its contacts with a pen, (not pencil) eraser ( or rubber here in Blighty).
  3. I cleaned it with compressed air yesterday which didn't do anything. I'm not that knowledgeable when it comes to taking apart or putting together hardware. Before I remove a card or install a new one, are there precautions that I have to take? For example, I've heard that static electricity can mess up other components.
  4. Static is overrated, just be a little careful. Take a sock off and keep the bare foot in contact with the floor or a raditor pipe and there's no real problem.
    Cleaning with air is fine, but it'll not clean the contacts of the card itself, they may-just may-be the problem, but in most cases simply removing and reseating the card will be enogh to resotre the connections.
  5. the big thing is you have to power off your pc and then for safty pull the cord from the power supply and wait a few min for the voltage to drain out of the caps in the power supply and motherboard. the video card will have one screw and a clip that holds it it. the clip on most mb will be white and you just press down or in lightly and pull up on the card.the card should come out with no force.
  6. If after I remove the card, clean it, and reseat it and it still doesn't work, that is pretty much 100% confirmed that its the GPU that is having the problem right?
  7. yes
  8. Thank you very much for the help guys, really appreciate it.
  9. no worries
  10. It seems like your video card's RAMs are dead but you can fix it with baking it in your oven ( Really dude Im not joking :D)
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