Wireless connection keeps changing Mbps while connected

I have a Linksys e2000 wireless router, my laptop connects fine, but as i keep hovering my mouse over the wireless icon in my system tray, it keeps changing Mbps from 130 at its highest going down into double digit Mbps, then back up to 130. Why wouldn't it stay connected at 130 all the time?

Someone said to try lowering the beacon interval, fragmentation threshold, RTS threshold, and mtu size, but will doing that decrease the speed of my connection to the router?
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  1. This is one of those 'don't worry about it' times.

    A wireless connection is constantly trying to negotiate the fastest speed, and will go up and down depending on radio interference (from other wireless devices, florescent lights, etc.) and other wireless devices connected to the same access point.
  2. I've never had that happen before with my previous 2 wireless routers, although this is my first N one. I notice if i'm doing network traffic intensive things I can tell when the speed drops as things begin to lag. It's almost like a constant thing, should it really be going up and down all the time speedwise?
  3. Also, don't havea ny other wireless devices connecting to it. We have cordless phones, but those are supposed to be the ones that dont interfere with other stuff.
  4. It is definitely due to the way N routers operate. They have multiple antennas and are analyzing which has the best connection to a device.

    Other wireless devices might not be in your home; they could be your neighbor's wireless devices checking the status of your router.
  5. Yeah, this one does have more antennas then any one i've ever had before. So is there anything really i can do to make it less noticeable or help it out? it truly is noticeable when the speed drops, thats what led me to this discovery in the beginning, it started to lag real bad then i hovered over the wireless system tray icon and noticed, then kept checking over and over.
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