Which is better?

Which one is better?
An HD6870 or a GTX 560(non ti version)?
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  1. In my personal experience, I'd say GTX 560. A friend has a 6870 and despite his 6-core processor my machine still has better performance in games.
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    i disagree with auntarie the hd 6870 will demolish a gtx 560 at a lower price point while consuming the same amount of water for more refer to this-
  3. They pretty much trade blows at in different games and resolutions. The 6870 uses quite a bit less power. The GTX560 is a great overclocking with the right cooler.
  4. I would agree with geekapproved
  5. I don't know. looked pretty good for the red team. And then you have to take into account physx was disabled for tests. That alone will decimate the green card going head to head if it weren't.
  6. is phys x worth it?
  7. I always thought it was. nicer to see more stuff moving, from debris from explosions ( more ) or even the way the environment moves.
  8. i think ima go with the hd 6870
  9. bigcyco1 said:
    I would agree with geekapproved

    me too..
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