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I'm looking for a case for a micro atx build. It's for a gaming build so it needs to be able to fit everything and stay cool. I need to be able to move this to people's houses so I'm trying to keep the size down. A handle would be nice too. I do like the "cube" shape over the taller design. Something like falcon nw frag box would be great. looks good if it is able to fit every thing and will stay cool. I really like but would need to switch to itx. This isn't out of the question if it can give me what I need but I don't know much about it. Thanks.
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  1. Have a look at the Coolermaster HAF XB, it's a cube-ish shaped case with coolermaster quality and features, etc.
  2. That was one that I started looking at but the size is what stopped me. Apevia x-qpack might work if it won't over heat. I also don't like that it comes with a ps.
  3. Well you won't get better quality and cooling than the HAF XB for a cube case, but Have a look at the Antec New Solution NSK1380
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