Stuttering in PC games

since I bought my new PC a few months back, I've been experiencing very annoying stuttering in most games I've tried, for example Serious Sam 3, Metro 2033, The Witcher. There are some games where the stuttering doesn't happen (Hard Reset, Psychonauts). The stuttering looks a bit like this:

The stuttering is not happening constantly like in the video though. It usually stutters for maybe a second, then for another second it's fine and so on, but it seems very random.

My HW is:
i7 2700k
gigabyte gtx 570 OC
msi z77A-GD65
KINGSTON HyperX Genesis 2x4GB (1600 MHz)
Soundblaster X-Fi
Windows 7 64bit

So here's what i've tried and didn't help:
- I tried replacing my gtx570 with old 8800GTS.
- I tried removing the sound card.
- I tried removing one of the memory modules, try if it helped, then put it back and try with the other one removed.
- I also bought new motherboard (originally had asus P8P67-m Pro).
- I tried installing Windows XP, the stuttering was still there, although it was a bit different.
- I tested at least 5 different drivers for the graphics card, none of then made any difference.
- I've disabled HyperThreading, CPU parking.
- I tried a new clean install of Windows 7.
- I tried ps2 mouse and keyboard instead of usb ones.
- Edit: also tried replacing my LCD screen with a CRT display and tried a different HDD

Here is what helped:
- Setting the maximum prerendered frames to 1 reduced the stutter in some games (Serious Sam 3), but didn't help much in others (The Witcher). But even in SS3 where it helped significantly, it is still pretty annoying.
- Limiting FPS to 59. This removed the stutter but replaced it with a small hiccup or frame skip that happens periodically every second.
- Disabling vsync removes the stutters completely, but then there is the screen tearing, which is not nearly as annoying as the stuttering, but it's still not a very good solution.

I will appreciate a lot if anyone has any suggestions what I could try to get rid of this problem completely.

Sorry about my bad english.
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  1. first try updating your drivers
    rma the card and get another one!
  2. panwala95 said:
    first try updating your drivers
    rma the card and get another one!

    I already tried many different driver versions and I also tried replacing the gtx570 with my old 8800GTS. None of that reduced the stuttering.

    Do you think my PSU could be faulty, because it's the only thing I haven't tried replacing yet?

    Edit: I should also mention that the stuttering happens even when a game is running at 60 FPS. Actually at lower FPS the stuttering seems a lot less noticeable.
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