Prime95 and OCCT returning errors?

Hello... Again.... :P
It has recently come to my attention that my new FX-8350 is returning errors on Prime95 and OCCT. On Prime95, after 30 or so seconds, at least 1 thread stops running with "0 warnings, 1 error". OCCT just goes red and opens a folder with logs. In order to make sure this was not an OC issue, because I have messed around with VISION, (but not actually run an OC), I went into UEFI and manually set my clock to 4000MHz. I still get these "rounding errors" though. Ideas? Hopefully this will be my last post relating to this processor :P
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  1. I would set everything to defaults in Vision and in your UEFI/BIOS to ensure you haven't set something to overclock. Monitor your temperatures while running a stress test. Even if you are using the stock cooler, if it is installed properly and not overclocked, the chip shouldn't overheat or error in prime. Also make sure your UEFI/BIOS is up to date. Also make sure you have an adequate PSU for your config. You didn't list your full system specs.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply!
    My Specs:
    8 GB 1600 RipJaws RAM
    620W Antec Neo Eco
    ASRock 970 Extreme4
    Hyper 212 Evo
    MSI Twin Frozr 7850

    I don't have an updated BIOS, will it affect anything regardinjg the OS if I flash UEFI or clear CMOS? My temps aren't bad running Prime95, but on the "dead" cores, I cant get it to run for long enough to get an accurate reading. Thanks again for your time!
  3. After clearing CMOS and VISION, The tests go for about 2 mins, but still end up "crashing". Memtest86+ cleared the RAM, so I'd assume that isn't the issue. Apparently, the CPU is only drawing 60W, while it's rated for 125. (According to CPU-Z). Does this help at all? Cheers!
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