2 PC's connected wirelessly to router. Using Ethernet to share files?

As the title kind of suggests;

What i have currently is 2 PCs next to each other permanently connected to my router over wireless. Obviously transferring files over wireless first to the router and then back to the other computer is dreadfully slow.

So I tried simply connecting the 2 PCs with Ethernet while they were still connected too the router. But it suggests on both PCs this is a completely new network. Is there any way to tell the PC that this is the same network but just a faster way to access a certain PC?

The only way i can figure to do this currently is by bridging my wireless and Ethernet connections on one PC (first) and turning off the wireless on the other PC(second). This does work. However if i wanted to access the network with the second PC this other PC would have to be on.

I want to be able to have it set up so i can;
- Have the first PC on go on the net with the second off.
- Have the second PC on go on the net with the first off.
- Have 2 PCs on, go on the net on both, share files between them over the Ethernet connection.
- Without any configuring each time i wanted to share files.


Any help is massively appreciated.

p.s. I didn't really know the best subsection for this. Sorry if its wrong :)
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  1. apparently i cant edit, so:

    I presume it 'could' be down to to me not having crossover cable. If so....why wouldn't the above work when i put a unmanaged dlink switch in between the pcs?
  2. When you connect the 2 computers directly, you ARE creating a different network, not extending your existing one.

    If the computers are close enough together that you can connect them directly, why not just run the ethernet cables to the router and use a wired connection instead of wireless?
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