Which CPU is best?

I'm gonna pick a cpu for my budget build and it's currently leaning against two different CPUs which are:

Intel Core i3 3220 3,3Ghz


AMD FX-4100 X4 3,6GHz Black Edition

I can't find many benchmarks and comparisons about these but according to the very few i found, the i3 beats the FX-4100 by a bit. So i'll probably ending up going with the i3. But all the newer games like Assassins Creed III, Battlefield 3, Skyrim, Far cry 3 all recommends quad-core processors and some even say they recommend a quad-core processors as Minimum. So is it better by going off with the FX-4100 because it's quad core or get better performance with the i3 but having to deal with a dual-core?
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  1. Get the i3-3220, even in those games the i3 is better :


    Also the FX-4100 is not good, the only decent ones are the FX-4170 or FX-4300.
  2. i3-3220 is better.
  3. The Intel is better and with Intel you can upgrade to a much better cpu later.
  4. If I remember, the 4100 overclocks like a beast. Might be something to think about.

    Also, if you cab spring the extra 30 dollars, the 6300fx is a great cpu for 130.
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