Power Supply Powering Mouse But Not Pc?

Alright, hi guys.
I Bought this power supply : http://www.cjcomputers.co.uk/produc...
I Plugged it in and no power? However my mouse's light is flashing and then when i flick the power switch off the mouse stops flashing?!
I Dont even get any fans/led's within my case lighting up
If anyone can help i'd be very happy :love:
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  1. anonymous1 said:
    Return that defective PSU.

    are you 100% its defective? i don't want to return it because if it ends up not being faulty i get a £10 fine ($17 or so)
  2. Well, If your sure everything is connected then Its probably defective. If you have another PSU then Id test your components. Id also try another wall outlet just to be sure.

    Sounds to me that its defective in someway.
  3. Your link doesn't work for me so check the back of the power supply for a voltage range switch, usually 110 / 220 if it has one (i imagine it 230/460 in the uk), and set it correctly for your area.
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