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So i'm buying a new case soon and it would be good to have some advice on which would be the best to get out of these:

NZXT Phantom 410:

Coolermaster HAF 912:

CM Storm Enforcer:

I've narrowed it down to these three and i'm wondering which is best and also if the nzxt worth the extra money.
Price isn't really an issue as long as it is kept under £80 as I plan to buy a new CPU cooler at the same time - my current specs are in my signature.
I'm looking for cool running of my components, low noise, ease of access (toolless drive bays etc), and of course it has to look good.
Is the NZXT worth the money? I am prepared to pay the extra but is it worth it?
Any help / advice would be appreciated!
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  1. Get the phantom it's the best of those three, it's just more a few pounds but it's worth.
  2. Okay thanks, but what's better about it?
  3. I like the CM Enforcer, built about 3 pc's in it, Good airflow, great look, USB 3.0, windowed side panel, not over priced, lights can be turned on and off. Only thing a can say negatively about it is that the front fan draws dust and needs cleaning offten.
  4. Okay that sounds good, how many fans / dust filters are included when you buy it?
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