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I am a Brit living in the USA (I am in the British Army on assignment with the US Army). My wife and I can't get used to US TV so we watch the BBC over the internet. We have set up a UK IP address so we can get BBC I-Player. I have upgraded my internet speed as much as I can - what else can I do to minimize freezing/buffering. I am using a very small notebook computer connected to a flat screen TV. Should I be looking at a more capable CP. If so what spec. I only use this computer for the TV - nothing else, so I don't want to spend money on unnecessary hardware. on the otherhand, i want the best viewing experience I can get.
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  1. the pc should not matter much it is your internet connection that is key, anything slower than 5 megabits a second is going to cause buffering ,
  2. try this site
    and download SG TCP Optimizer
  3. you can also try increasing your buffer size. I typically start a show and then pause it as soon as it starts and walk away for a good bit. When I come back I'm usually good for the duration.
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