First HTPC Build, Will This Work ?

Hey TomsHardware,

I want to build a HTPC for my Dad for his birthday and i wanted to make sure it would work if i bought this stuff and which one i should build. This PC will not be getting overclocked but will sometimes be used in a warm enviroment and it need to be quiet.

Intel-based Build:

AMD-based Build:
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  1. we cant view them.

    can you use its a site with pretty much all the parts that you need to build a system. if you cant find the part on the site, you can directly link them here. pcpartpicker usually gives the lowest prices for each component. just make sure that you set the location to Australia
  2. your budget? if you are just watching movies, the i3 2120 is overkill

    id keep the case.
  3. watching blu-ray movies, watching youtube and prett much nothing else
  4. actually, do you mind if i make the build in this case?

    its quite a bit cheaper
  5. this should be more than enough

    take the dvd drive that you listed. i cant find it on this site

    you also dont need a graphics card to play movies. the onboard should be enough
  6. ok, but im gonna get the sound card because my dad spend heaps of time on his hifi and i want to get something that has optical out
  7. creative sound is a pretty terrible choice for the price.
  8. yeah that one is pretty good.

    this one is slightly better but either one is good
  9. culso your dad won't need a discreet sound card if he is using the optical out to his Home theater system. Almost all of the motherboards have optical out nowadays. So save some money and forget about the sound card...
  10. seems ok.
  11. And if I may add... stick with the silverstone case. IF your dad is planning to put the computer near his other hifi equipment (receiver?) he will greatly appreciate how the silverstone case stylistically matches his other hardware... :)
    You might also like the silverstone grandia 04. It comes in silver and black...
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