Optiplex GX620 230w Desktop, PSU change and case

I have a Optiplex GX620 230W Desktop computer and I Got this for as a present and wouldn't want to build a new pc as it would upset my parents who did get this with very little money.
I have a 9800GTX+ and I need a PSU for this hungry beast of a graphics card.
I've researched lots and found that to get a 450w psu for this computer is impossible without having it externally.
I need some help to get a new case or psu for my computer the specs are as following I only have limited knowledge of the parts:
1.230w psu
2.BTX motherboard
3.160gb hard drive
4.Pentium 4 HT
5.4GB DDR2
I have very little money and any case will be good as long as its on ebay :) I live in the UK Btw For the psu I'd like it to be £15 and for the case £10
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  1. Well your name certainly seems original -_- Oh and by the way Frankie has a 690 not a piece of crap 9800.
  2. Look keep to the subject.
  3. By the way get a cheap Galaxy 3 case and a Corsair CX500 PSU, should be okay, although your BTX mobo won't fit in it... Get an mATX / ATX mobo and you're sorted.
  4. Could you suggest a Motherboard? I now know the Processor is a 2.80ghz
  5. The chipset is 945 express
  6. Your CPU is actually a Pentium D 925 if you have a GX620, which is a PLGA775 socket CPU. This LGA775 motherboard should be fine: http://www.ebuyer.com/249334-asrock-g31m-gs-r2-0-g31-socket-775-gb-lan-6-channel-audio-matx-g31m-gs-r2-0
    It's not ebay but i've bought from ebuyer before and they are great.
  7. You know the amount of people who have a Del optiplex, who then suddenly realize how constricting it is for doing upgrades is amazing, but its what you get when the case is designed around a not type standard motherboard, with little or no upgrading options.
    I think they do it on purpose some times, forcing, hoping you will buy a whole new system from them, due to the constrictions they put in the system to start with.

    Its one of the reasons why most people stay away from pre built systems as such.
    Making sure to buy a motherboard for example with room for expansion and future add in support, more memory support options.
  8. ^+1 that. Best option would be to just save up to build a whole new PC altogether, you can get a decent one for less than £400, let me know if you need me to 'design' one for you.
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