TV Wont display Desktop after using a different monitor

ok so i too my desktop to my girls house and used a little 16 inch monitor, after changing the icon size everything was fine, now im back home and plugged into my 32 inch TV, its boots up shows the windows 7 logo then screen goes blank. but my speakers still play the startup sound.

ive messes about with display settings/ resolution / SLI settings / Nvidia setting and now im just lost.


CPU: i7 2600k
GPU: 2x GTX 550Ti's
M/B: Fatal1ty P67 Pro
PSU: Coolmasters GX 750

thank you
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  1. ive also tried to freshly install the Nvidia drivers, pc runs on the 32 inch TV in safe mode :S
  2. :hello:

    Kindly I ask your attention.

    Did you check of all is still good connected inside?

    I didn't do that reinstall, I went back to the girl friend and connected the monitor to the system and set everything back to the way it was. Do the Icon size the way it was and give it a try.


    Did you use the correct resolution at the little monitor?
    Or is it automatic?

    What are they at the little monitor and the tv?

    Hopefully I let you known enough, that you will find the answers you seek.

    Good luck and have fun doing it.

    Best Regards,


    Will the BIOS shown when you start your system, or is it just the Windows version you have installed?

    Well, the graphic software will have a manual monitor detection, try it.
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