Is this pc enough with 600w thermaltake psu? computer novice needing h

GA-F2A55M-HD2 Socket FM2 A55 mATX AMD Motherboard
AMD-A10 5800k CPU
Seagate 500gb 7200 rpm hdd
600w thermaltake psu
8gb ram corsair vengence

I want to put this in
as my only upgrade
I was given this comptuer as a gift and i do not plan on changing anything only wanting to add a gpu
will this be good?

Another problem, i noticed my comptuer screen froze everything froze and i had to power it off.
playing a game (l4d2) with the APU causes comp to shut down
is the cpu the problem or ram?
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  1. Yes 600watt is enough unless you have one of those TT power supplies that do not deliver their promised wattage.
  2. ^+1

    However, do state your power supply model to be on the safe side, there are a couple of terrible Thermaltake power supplies.
  3. The PC froze when you play a game with the IGP ? It sounds like a bad power supply, but that happens with a dedicated GPU and a PSU which can't handle the GPU in load.
  4. ah ok thanks guys, so my comp freezing must be the dedicated graphics
    ty very mcuh
    and im not sure wat to get
    the 660 ti or amd 7950
    i plan to play 1920x1080 resolutions
  5. I'm leaning towards the 7950, its got great overclocking capabilities and I hear the new drivers give it a great performance boost.
  6. both are good choices, except that thermal take powersupply prob isnt very stable. id recommand to change it to a quality powersupply.

    whats ur budget for a new powersupply?
  7. in about 2 months i might, budget would be 100$ or less
    do u know of any good brands?
  8. yes, where do u live?

    so i can give u a nice recommandation based off ur geographical region.
  9. southern california, tusin city
  10. i just mean country lol, ok here.

    xfx 750watts modular 80+ silver powersupply very good my friend for 79$ after 10$ mail-inrebate :)

    can ask for more.
  11. I would say that you wont be needing more then 600 watts for sure, but with your budget you can get more just like iceclock recomended.

    And for you problem with game crashing I have read before that BIOS update will possibly fix your issue with game crashing with APU, so you could check that out.
  12. how can i update my bios?
  13. Go on the motherboard manufacturer's website on the support section and find a update and download it. There should be directions to follow with it as well.
  14. ok i seem to have another problem, when i leave my cpu on for hours, downloading stuff
    i wake up hours later and my comp has frozen any idea wat has caused it?
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