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I am going to get a radeon 6950, and it comes with a bf3 coupon. I was wondering how long the coupon is good for. Also, could I enter the code on one computer under an ea account, and when my gamer is complete I can download it again without paying again by sighing in under the same account, just on the new computer? I know this is nobody`s expertise, but I do not have to time for wait for a manufacturer response.
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    The coupon should be good forever as long as you don't use it up. And that's a yes to second question. You don't buy the client. You buy a ticket for your account. Once you enter the code to your account, it gets attached and you may install BF3 on whatever computer you want by signing on with that account. Note though, you will only be able to play on one computer at any given time.
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