Is amd a8 4500m good

Hello,i was thinking of getting a laptop with amd a8 4500M,all i want to do is just play minecrft and fallout new vegas pls respond
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  1. If you are simply relying on the integrated graphics, then it should be okay to play some games. Just try to keep your expectations a bit low. AMD's A8 and A10 APUs have more powerful integrated graphic cores than the Intel HD 4000. But they are still considered weak compared to a dedicated card.

    While all the above mentioned graphic cores can beat a nVidia GT 610m. I believe only the graphic core (Radeon HD 7660g) in the A10 can beat a nVidia GT 620m. The A8's graphic core (Radeon HD 7640g) performs the same as the GT 620m.
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