I5 2500K vs 3570K for OCing.

I'm getting a PC soon and can't decide between these two CPUs. I know the 2500K runs cooler which would be better for me because I plan on doing a fair amount of overclocking, 4.5-6 Ghz or so. But then again, would I be better off with a 3570K because of the newer technology? The rest of my specs will be below in case that matters for the decision.

GPU: Radeon 7850 2GB
Mobo: MSI Z77A-G41
PSU: OCZ Fatal1ity 750W
RAM: G.Skill Sniper Series 8GB
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    I would go with the I5 3570K, somebody just posted here about his 4.7GHz overclock.
  2. You can overclock the 2500K higher with lower temps - the smaller transistor in the 3570K means tighter density, which means more heat at higher clocks.
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