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Im looking to upgrade my computer and would like some oppinions and suggestions.
Is it even worth upgrading ? Am I better off to just let that PC to other family members for web browsing and such?

My current computer specs are:
asus formula motherboard
intel q6600
geforce 8800GTS 512
2x seagate 512GB in raid 0

Im looking up to something like:
Gigabyte GA-Z77X-D3H
Core i5-3570K
OCZ Vertex 4, 256GB
GPU: should i buy cheap one for old computer and use 8800GTS512 in new build or its not worth it.

Im looking for stable system and not going to overclock, want as much performance as I can get and I dont want to spend fortune.

any and all suggestions are welcome.
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  1. If your not going to overclock you won't need a K series CPU. Get the i5 3450.
    Use the extra to get the ud3 version of that motherboard
    Get the hd7770/gtx560se
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