Core i5 2500k OC problem?

Today I tried to OC my 2500k (obviously) to 4.0GHz. The Mobo i have is a Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UP4TH Rev 1.0. So, i got and adjust my multiplier to 40. I then save and exit (volt was at 1.240). Windows boots and i check my system properties. They say

Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2500K CPU @ 3.30GHz 5.90GHz

I then check CPUZ and it says the processor is core i5 2500k @ 3.30ghz

What's up with this? I clocked back to 3.3ghz to be safe until i got an answer. Any ideas why all i see is 3.3 or 5.9?
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  1. Did you run Prime95? I feel like your voltage is a bit low to have it run at 4.0GHz with a multiplier that high.
  2. I didn't run anything because i was afraid it would run at 5.9ghz
  3. Trust me, it won't. Change the voltage to about 1.28.
  4. So if i set the OC multiplier to 40, even though it says 3.30 and 5.9 its actually 4.0??
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    It won't actually be 5.9, the multiplier would have to be higher. Tell me, does your board have auto-overolting options? What board do you use?
  6. Yes im pretty sure i saw it does. The board is in the OP
  7. If in your BIOS, turn it off - that's definitely causing issues.
  8. Alright im running Prim95 now. CPU-Z says its clocking at 4.0ghz now :). However in CPU-Z its saying the core voltage is only 1.164V. Will this rise if it needs to? Because in the BIOS its set to 1.28 like you said
  9. It will, it changes just like clockspeed! You were able to turn off any auto-overclocking features of the board?
  10. I turned off overvolt. I didnt know the other stuff. I turned turbo boost off aswell
  11. You mean you turned off automatic overvolting, right?
  12. Yes its disabled
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  14. Thanks man. Question answered. Close thread plzr
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