Second graphics card not showing in the device manager

For some reason, my second graphics card has stopped showing up in the device manager. When I first got my PC it was there, but it seems that after I updated my drivers, it stopped showing up. The fan on it is still spinning, so I think it still works. I have dual Radeon HD 6870's, linked with crossfire. Also, it seems like my liquid cooling system is no longer working, I've had some problems with overheating. I also think that the reservoir is upside down, since I haven't seen it installed in any other system like it is in mine, (I ordered it from Cyberpower PC). It's an Asetek 510 LC system, on a loop. The computer's only a few months old.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Make sure Crossfire is enabled in the Catalyst Control Center. Sometimes when you update the driver, it fails to enable Xfire.

    Here's the installation diagrams for installing your cooler:
  2. Thanks, I actually found out that the second card is dead, so I had to remove it.
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