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I'm making a new gaming build. Using i5 3570k and probably GTX 570 or comparable graphics card. I need a decent power supply that works and won't blow up. I will probably upgrade in the future. Thanks.

I'll do rebates and I'm willing to go up to $40 max. I'm waiting until a sale to get a good one but if there is a good power supply for sale now then I'll go for it. I've seen the CX430W V2 and CX500W on newegg but I heard that they aren't so good.
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  1. id rather configure a complete, balanced system for you instead of blindly recommending a power supply that is great when the rest of the system is bad

    there are no good power supplies that are under 30 bucks that can safely and wont blow up when you are trying to power up your system.
  2. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817139026

    With $20 rebate it is $25

    Here is review database for the CX series:


    Really though don't go too cheap and do a little research. For under $30 regular price you are likely asking for trouble.

    I should add that this PSU would require a converter from to convert one of your molex power connectors to a PCI-E power connector since the supply has only one PCI-E connector. You may want to look at the CX500, which has two.
  3. i doubt u can get anything decent for less than 40 dollars, unless theres a rebate, whats ur maximum budget for the ps?
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