Is 70 degrees Celsius too high for i7 3770k?


My i7 is reaching 65-70 when playing BF3. Is this a normal range? It seems a bit high for me. I have not OC'ed or anything.

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  1. that seems high for a 3770, are u using a stock cooler?
  2. Yes I am.
  3. i think u need an aftermarket cooler, whats ur budget for a cooler?
  4. I'm looking to spend around $50-$70. Do you think a water cooled system is the way to go? My rig is already pretty loud.
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    eh for less noise yes, and performance,

    49$ after rebate pretty good deal, ;)
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  7. Thanks for the help!
  8. no problem anytime bro :)
  9. Watercoolers are often just as loud if not more loud than air coolers,
    Also the H50/H70 had well documented leaking issues, for a watercooler in that price range I'd catch the H60 on a rebate for 54.99, thats what I got mine for.

    Also for low end water coolers you can get just as much performance out of a mid-high end air cooler like a Hyper Evo 212, Thermaltake Frio, or if you want to shell out the big bucks a Noctua NH-D14 for 75 bucks.

    I'd reccomend the Hyper Evo 212, you dont need anything more for anything that's not a hex core Extreme.
  10. ive had a few friends use the h50s and h70s no problems there.

    also a closed in water system is more silent than an air cooler, depending on what u get :P
  11. Update - I went out and bought the H60 from Microcenter. It has reduced my temp by 15-20 degrees while playing battlefield! The only noise I hear is the fan that is attached to the radiator which is basically a chassis fan. There has been no increase in noise.
  12. For Intel CPUs at least I wouldn't worry until you're in the early 90s.
  13. good :) nah, u dont wanna hit higher than 70-72 load imo, thats the safe zone.

    it can go higher but i dont recommand such temps.
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