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Welp, recently bit the bullet to get a little more ass out of my computer. Bought a geforce gtx 460 that requires two 6 pin connectors. Didn't realize this until it came in the mail today. So After searching on the web for awhile went to staples and bought a Antec 550w basiq. It says it has a 6+2 connect and then 1 6 pin connector on the box. After getting home and plugging everything up i still don't have video. The pc boots, gets to windows.. because you can hear the "windows vista theme" and sits there with no video. I have a pretty good feeling i know what the problem is but want your guys input.

So one side of my 6 pin has all 6 holes filled in, while the other side is only using four. My other 6 pin connect the one that is 6+2 has all 6 holes filled in. Is it because the one side isn't grounded?

Here's a pic to illustrate
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  1. You need to use the full 6-pin connectors for your video card, It is not getting enough power. The full 6-pin PCI-E connectors are already grounded with 3 of them active and three grounded.

    The 4pin (6 pin red face) interface is a special case. I just find it odd that you have 4 pins in a 6 pin interface.
  2. It's typical of older, low end modular, shouldn't prevent the card from working
    Do you have a molex to 6 pin adapter ?, should have come with the card, try it
    If it still doesn't work you're left with either a bad card or a bad psu
  3. if you look at the red plug; three of the wires should be yellow; that is the 12 volts for the power. the single black wire is the ground being shared. the ground being shared by not be drawing enough 12 volts. (complete conjuncture) try switching the plugs on the card (for no reason i can think of)

    if that doesn't work because its a wild guess, try the molex to 6 pin suggest of dell's.
  4. Going to a friends house today to try a few things. First try my car in his rig that has 6 6 pin connectors. If that works we know I just need a molex to 6 pin. If it doesn't I have a bad videocard. Hope it's just a connector !!
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