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Hyper 212+ not cooling well

Installed my hyper 212+ on my amd athlon 640 and oc'ed it too 3.6, atm im sitting at 50c idle temp which is horrid. I have friends that have the same cpu and cooler and they sat at 25 idle and 50 load. I tightened the four screws about half way because im scared to damage my mobo and my cpu. Do I tighten all the way? when I first installed it was snug on the board but I could still move it side to side with a little force.
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    Hi mate , firstly did you put the thermal paste on your CPU properly ? Well clean the surface with some sort of alchohol ? Then apply the right amount of thermal paste ?

    Secondly don't be afraid of tightening it properly grow a pair of virtual testicles and tighten that cooler all the way ! ( not being rude by the way mate ) The pressure off the cooler will help spread the paste over your cpu so it's an even layer for the best heat conduction.

    Lastly use software such as Prime95 to stress test your CPU and generate maximum heat to cure the thermal paste which will inevitably reduce your temps by about 7 degrees ( information off thermal paste providers )

    Hope it helped :)
  2. On top of the above what program are you using to monitor temps and does it confirm with BIOS on start up? I had to set -15°C offset on core temp on my rig.
  3. Yeah using core temp to monitor, also how much thermal comp do I put? normally i do a dab then mount the cooler on it so it puts pressure on it that spreads it.
  4. That is the normal way, like a grain of rice.
  5. And this is a hit your head on the forehead mistake, but make sure you peeled off the plastic sticker from the bottom of the cooler. You either have a mounting issue (not even, not tight enough), or an interface issue - no enough/too much paste, or something in between that doesn't belong- ie plastic, etc. Pull off the cooler, clean the top of the CPU & bottom of cooler with alcohol, add new paste and reseat.
  6. Will tighten cooler and apply new thermal when house has less people in it, holidays and such. Pulled of bottom sticker too so thats not the problem.
  7. Tightened all the screws nothing changed so it must be the excessive amount of thermal I put on...
  8. Remounted and everything, according to core temp and hwMonitor I'm now getting 17 idle and 32c load (p95 for 1.5 hours) there was also a heater near my computer, shut that off too so that may have helped. I live near Vancouver so it's quite cold here that is probably helping too.
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