Should i upgrade my 8800gtx sli laptop

Hello everyone,

I currently have a laptop running an x9000 intel core 2 extreme cpu 4gb of ram a 256gb ssd and dual nvidia 8800gtx cards. It still performs quite well for being almost 5 years old but im not sure how long i can expect that to last. I am running on a screen that is 17 inches at 1920x1200 so im not sure how graphically demanding that is. I am able to run almost all the latest games at high setting but im still considering an upgrade. Advice?? please post. i have 1400 dollar budget if you think an upgrade is necessary or at this point worth it. Please post Thanks to all
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  1. A laptop is not usually upgradeable. So... by upgrade, do you mean buy a new laptop? or are you open to building a desktop?
  2. Yes i do mean to buy a new laptop, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions about what to get...and a desktop is not out of the question. I just like the portability of a laptop. Open to any suggestions
  3. Since you already have the laptop, the desktop will probably be a more value proposition. I share your concern that your laptop is already ageing ( 5 years ) so if it gives out, you lose your portability.

    Unfortunately, gaming laptops are overpriced and performs much less than a desktop of similar price so I am inclined to go for a desktop.

    For the $1400 build, I suggest you create a new thread following the advise on this thread:
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