Hi,i have the i5-2400 3.1Ghz cpu,and when ever I play a game,my ai suite 2 give's a message of the temprature and it shows that my cpu is between 72 to 80,i dont know if i have enough cooling ,but i want to know is that a problem if the temp is so high?The reason i think my pc does not have enough cooling,is because i have the amd ati HD 7870 and it gives a lot of heat out when in performance mode,but i also have like four 120mm casis fans and two small ram fans(not that i need it cuz the ram has heatsinks)but is this a probleme for so high temp and if so,is there something i can do?
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  1. It is to hot and most likely your CPU cooler needs reseating with new paste!
  2. Thanx,will it also help if i get a new or beter cpu fan,i only have the original one.
  3. Yes a good aftermarket cooler will cool it better.
  4. Ok thanx will do so,hope i have enough space in my case,cuz there is already too much in there,i have the nzxt guardian 921
  5. If you take the side fan off you should fit a 120mm cooler but with it there is enough space for a 92mm cooler like this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835103064
  6. Thanx that is a good price,is deepcool also a good choice or not so good?
  7. Thanx i will see what i can get,thanx for the help
  8. It works perfect,when in game my cpu is from 80 with the old fan and now 41(thats the highest)with the fan.
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