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Hey guys!

I am building a PC at the moment and im looking for a good mid tower case. ( I would like it to look fancy a bit...Need to look good :P)

Here is my build :

I have plans to add SLI and a SSD later on, so some free space would be good. Something not too expensive would be appreciated :ange: !
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  1. What's your price range?
  2. There are a lot of options out there for you, and it should be more your choice than ours since you'll be the one looking at it every day. If you want, you can let me know how you want it to look and how many fans and what-not, and I can find you a couple to look at and we can go from there.
  3. Below 100$ If that is possible... Something solid, LED are optionnal, I am planning on OC so I want to keep my system cool... not sure how many fans are required :/.

    I would like front usb 3.0 if possible, if not oh well!

    I liked this one :
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    Its definately possible to get you a case under $100. Do you like the white or do you not mind for color? I've personally had good experience with NZXT for airflow and expansion, but they usually go right for $100.

    Tell me what you think of these

    Let me know if I'm getting closer.
  5. The NZXT and RAIDMAX both seems awesome! Is there a cheaper option to the NZXT one?
  6. If you mean by brand, then you would have to sacrifice the front panel but you could get this one. You usually get what you pay for with NZXT.

    You start changing models when you go cheaper, but here's one with the front panel
  7. I will go with the Phantom 410! Thank you for your help. I really appreciate it!
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