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It seems that something may be wrong with my computer. Whenever I turn it on it gives me a CPU fan error, though when I turn it off and back on the fan seems to work fine.

Just recently it gave me a clock interrupt error and something about a second processor interval. It has given this to me twice in the past three weeks.

When running Speedfan I think the reading part is broken, as it is showing the fan at 1047 RPM on average, and the CPU at 128C unchanging (stays as such no matter if it's under stress or idle).

The GPUs are 40 and 33C as well as the "core 0, 1, 2..." being about 40C as well.

I do not overclock my CPU (Intel 3930k) at all; the GPUs came factory overclocked (crossfire). The exception to this is if you consider the XMP profile that comes with the motherboard is overclocking.

When it has given me the blue screen, it has been while playing the same game, and since I pretty much play that all the time, I'd say twice in three weeks is pretty rare.

Still, I'm worried about the temperature readings; I know the 3930 is supposed to be a volcano, but I'm worried that if it's a true reading that something's wrong.

I've been using this computer for almost six months.

3930K Intel I7
32 GB 1866 RAM
670 FTW x2 in crossfire
Two 1TB hard drives
The cooling devices were all recommended purchases by Intel and were purchased separately from the CPU.

I'm about to run the IntelBurn test, but I thought I'd put this out there in hopes to get a response to see if that's necessary as I'm not sure what it is exactly, or if it will hurt the CPU if it really is that hot (I'm thinking the readings are just wacky as I don't think it could handle that for six months straight).

Edit: The MOBO is a Sabre Tooth X79.

I'm thinking that my options are:

Test the temperature with the computer opened up.
See if there's a bios update
Run Burntest on CPU

...Just based on what I've been reading around here. Though I'm not really tech savy, and I have my brother deal with this stuff (though he's unavailable). I'm hoping there's another option that someone can offer me, or if there's an easier solution than working with something I have little clue of.
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  1. the 990fx is the amd version of the z77 sabertooth. I would check that you have the 1708 bios for the z77 sabertooth if that your mb. if your using the stock cooler is may be going bad..i contact intel for a replacment. myself i would switch the stock cooler out for an evo 212. a lot better cooler. use open hardware monitor. the temps at idle should be 30-50c the closer to 30c the better. the 20c range depends on case. the cooler and thermal paste used and the temps inside your house. with a good cooler your temps should max out at 60c.
  2. First thing I would do is like you said look for bios update and if not then reset a bios.
  3. Just checked it again, and it's actually the Sabre Tooth x79 Mobo.
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