I'm not getting a signal from my amd 6950 2gb ?

hello, i have just built a new gaming rig. my old rig was still using a vga cable but this new one is using a dvi cable. i used an HDMI cord but i didn't get a signal on my tv, the GPU is running fine but i still can't get a signal from the hdmi cable. do i need to use a dvi cable before i use an HDMI cable ? also my specs are

i5 2500
8 gb g skill ripjaws 1333 Mhz
corsair enthusiast 750W psu
XFX amd radeon hd 6950 2gb
coolermaster hyper 212 plus
plextor dvd drive/burner
crucial m4 64 gb SSD
seagate barracuda 1TB HD
coolermaster storm enforcer
asrock extreme3 gen3 motherboard

also i plugged in the vga cord to my motherbard but i still didn't get a signal
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  1. A couple of things have you tried updated the drivers? How long have you had this issue?

    Also can you explain what you are plugging into your monitor or tv?
    For example, graphics card HDMI to TV, or motherboard VGA to monitor
  2. hears the issue, i can't do anything because i can't see anything on the screen so i can't update or do anything. and i just finished building this gaming rig an hour ago. so far everything works except i just can't see anything on screen. also i used both an HDMI cable and a VGA cable. i plugged the vga cable into my motherboard but no signal. so i did the same thing with the HDMI cable, i plugged it into the motherboard and still nothing. so then i plugged the hdmi cable into the graphics card and nothing happened. my graphics card dosen't support VGA cables. Only DVI cables because it supports more than 1 monitor. the graphics card is working fine but some reason it just won't show anything on my screen with the HDMI cable. do i need to use the DVI cable first then update my drivers for HDMI ?
  3. From what I can get, is that your DVI cable works, is that correct?

    And your HDMI signal is not working.

    So, use your DVI cable first and download the drivers.

    Download the latest drivers from AMD.

  4. well i'm not sure if the dvi cable works or not because i don't have one yet, i'm going to buy one today and just hope to god it works so wish me luck
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