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So I'm going to purchase either a second 570 2.5gb or just go with a single 670.
As I understand it, the 570 will give me a good amount more power now, but be worth less in the future with less room to expand on. Whereas the 670 would be slightly more power, but have more room for 670 sli in future plus better sell value.

I'm trying to figure out more about SLI to help me make a decision. If I have a second 570 in sli, will my system always be drawing more power than with the single 570 even in idle? Is there a way to turn off the 2nd card or a power saving feature that you can have on when not gaming?

How much hotter and louder would the 570's in sli be? I wouldn't think that they would have to run all that hard to hit 60fps in most games.
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  1. According to Guru3d

    A single 570 is around 40 dBa. In SLI, 42 dBa.

    So it will be a tiny bit louder.

    The temps for SLI will jump up to around 81 degrees Celsius.

    The best thing you can do to turn off the 2nd card is go to your Nvidia Control Panel and select Do Not Use SLI technology. You can always turn it back on if you are gaming.

    Overall, the single 670 is your best bet. And you will have a better SLI setup and of course lower temps because the 670 runs cooler.

    The temps.
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