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I am a first time builder and I am concerned that the motherboards edge is touching the back of the case( wher the cables go). I dont believe it should be but it has to in order for the connecters to fit into the face plate. Can the motherboards edge be touching the case?
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  1. The plastic of the motherboard is not conductive so it should not specifically be a problem, unless an metallic parts are touching. The stand offs (where the motherboard mounts to the case) should set the motherboard in a very specific place. As long as the motherboard is secure on the stand offs, it should be no problem.
  2. Can you I dentify exactly what is touching and why it is a concern to you? Some parts of the motherboard need to touch the case.
  3. Thanks I wasnt sure this is all new to me. The mobo is secure on the standoffs. So I should be good.
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