Motherboard for amd phenom ii x 4 965?

I'm planning to buy an amd phenom II x 4 965 and pairing it with a radeon 6870 (both have quality performance for a budget build such as this) can anyone suggest a good cheap mobo that is compatible with this chip (ddr3 ofc). I might be planning to slightly overclock the CPU, maybe up to 3.8ghz paired with a hyper rev 212, so any suggestions?
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  1. ASRock 970 Extreme3 AMD 970 is a good bored
  2. board*
  3. I can get that mobo,cpu and 8 gb of 1600mhz corsair vengeance ram for about £157, would those match up well with a radeon 6870? I know about graphics cards, but i'm a novice on mobo's :S
  4. That motherboard supports PCIe 2.0, so yes, it does. The days of dedicated Crossfire or SLI motherboards is gone. As for specific ram, check the manual: Extreme3
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