Poor FPS Sapphire HD 6870 Counter Strike Source & Dota 2

Hello i have purchased Sapphire HD 6870 1gb DDR5 a week ago and i got poor fps in CSS and dota 2 on some points of map i get 60 70 fps , sometimes i get up to 200+ .Here are my specs : CPU : i3 530 2.93Ghz 4gb DDR3 PSU : Tacens Radix V 650W 1TB HDD Latest video driver 12.4 , im using Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bits.
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  1. Poor FPS? how poor like 20 FPS?

    Try these options:

    1) Try the 12.6 BETA driver (scroll down the page after you click on this link)

    2) You can go into the console/command of CSS and type: max_fps #
    So if you want put it at max_fps 120 so that it will not cap the frames.

    How to Enable Console
    Go to Options->Click Advanced near bottom->mark the box Enable Developer Console

    Then go back to the game and press the (~) key, top left near the ESC key.
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  2. Iºve did that nothing changed what might be the problem ?
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  3. aww it really stinks :( Even I get better FPS with my dud gt 520m
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  4. How is the temperature? And have you overclocked the card? Also, state what frame rate you are getting in CSS
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  5. temp i think its normal 60 degree ingame 44 idle i didnt oc the card and on some points of map i get 60 fps or less
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  6. ok i solved the problem now i get 300 fps constantly in CSS it was enable Multi Core rendering from game options no low fps since then !
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  7. Cool, glad that it's now working for you :)
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  8. check if your ram memory is in dual-channel configuration. dota 2 likes dual channel ram. otherwise,at single channel your ram and cpu are not at full potential,bottlenecking graphics card.
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